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Valentines – What does it mean?

Have you ever thought about where Valentines began? I have heard many people tell me it was created, a hallmark holiday, just to sell cards and gifts to fill the void between Christmas and Easter. But is that true?

I never thought much more about it to be honest I knew thought about it much more than that.

When I started running Always Crafty, I became much more interested in the origin of the holidays, as I wanted to understand a bit more about why I am asking you to by from me during this time.

Now I am not am expert or a historian and this is just a brief look at what I found for those of you who are interested.

From what I have found Valentines seems to have originated with the Romans, some where around A.D. 270. Back then they had a festival called Lupercalia and this was a fertility festival. They would preform rituals in the middle of February to the Roman god of agriculture and this was to bring forward a fertile year to both crops and women. As time went on and Christianity was born this festival was banned as it was seen as unchristian

and instead given it own Christian twist and re-named, Valentines Day. There are at least 3 Valentines, that were martyred and named Saints, that this day could have been named after. I believe no one really knows which one it is (maybe all of them who knows).

There is so much more to unpick, who is cupid? Why do we send cards (that is to do with one of the St Valentines), Why did it become a holiday for romantic love?

There is so much information out there and if I have peaked your interest I would love to here about it. Have you got some interesting Valentines facts? Please share them.

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